Asaph Ng'ethe Macua
oil - gouache - pencil - water colors

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"My autobiography titled "From Misery To Joy" is a story of life, endurance and strength against many odds. During my youthful years I spent close to 5 years in a hospital bed, lost one lung and many thought I would not make it. My life as an artist has been colorful. I am now 90 years old and do not use a walking stick."

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From Misery To Joy - book cover


at work - East African Literature Bureau

with colleagues at Makerere University -class of 1954

the chapel at Alliance High School

presentation to the then Prime Minister of Kenya -Jomo Kenyatta

addressing the Norwegian artist club in Norway 1975

exhibition at the French Cultural Centre Nairobi

The Standard newspaper June 1, 1993

my first camera
in norway
Art club members
margaret trowell art class Makerere
Art class at Makerere with Margaret Trowell

Have you ever experienced so much pain that death seemed a welcome relief ? Have you ever envied an animal just because it was free from physical pain. I have. I spent close to five years in a hospital bed and have lived with one lung since 1959, showing that being critically ill does not mean that you will die or live a short life.

In spite of this illness a strong will to succeed and hard work got me to Alliance High School and later Makerere University. My student and working days were punctuated with long periods of hospitalization but I finally got healed.

I was offered a job by the then East African Community, rising to become the organization's Chief Artist. In the course of my work I had the privilege of meeting with notables including the late Presidents - Jomo Kenyatta of Kenya, Julius Nyerere of Tanzania and Milton Obote of Uganda.

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I was born on 24th October 1930 in Karura, Kenya.

I am still full of admiration for my doctors and those who worked with them to save my life.

I hope my story will raise one's faith in God and make them appreciate every day the creator gives them.

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